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Lenny Dee is slicker than pig snot on a glass doorknob.

Gluing your face to someone's sleeve is

Three piece tweed suits

Welcome to my laboratory. I am Paul Clark. Born and raised in East Point – yes, I did look like that in another time and place. I am a developer and visual artist specializing in HTML5, CSS and jQuery. The above animation was an experiment with Adobe Edge Animate. I hand-rolled the drag and drop capability as well as touch events as neither of these are currently native to Edge Animate. I also tied in my own sound event (you did drag the record to the phonograph right?). It's "My Favorite Things" from the same-titled album by the great organist Lenny Dee. The site is optimized for Google Chrome (things may bust without it!) Click here for some of my projects, experiments, etc. or if you want to contact me, click on the derby below.
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